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Instructions for Authors

The 19th Interfinish World Congress (Interfinish 2016) are calling for papers now. Prospective authors are invited to submit papers (in English).

The authors should submit the abstracts at first. After the review and approval of the Academic Committee, you could submit the full papers. The Academic Committee will review the paper carefully and send you a decision about the arrangement of oral or poster presentation. If you have a strong personal preferences, please check through the options when you submit.

There will be awards covering papers, oral presentations, posters, etc. following a strict standard. And the outstanding papers will be recommended to be published on SCI journals. If you didn’t submit a full length paper, you could not participant in the papers award competition and recommendation.

Presentations in PowerPoint files without full paper is acceptable, but they will be reviewed by Academic Committee. Whether the author could do an oral presentation or not will be sent to the author after review.

There shall be a special part for Interfinish 2016 on patents. Authors could send their patents (authorized or pending) to the congress for communication and further cooperation for the enterprises and individuals.

Manuscript Submission

Copyright Related

Requirements and copyright statement are as followed:
1. The manuscripts have never been published on other journals, conferences etc.
2. All the authors agree on the submission of your manuscripts to Interfinish 2016.
3. For the papers recommended to SCI journals for publication, the copyright policy shall follow the corresponding journal’s requirements. For the papers cannot be published on journals, the copyright of the manuscripts shall be owned by the authors.
4. All the abstracts shall be printed in the conference proceeding. The electronic files of the abstracts will also be copied to conference flash disks for all delegates.
5 When you submit papers, PowerPoint files and posters, please check the related options of whether you agree us to copy your manuscript to the conference flash disks or not.


The authors could send their abstracts through the electronic submission page on the web site. The abstract must be prepared as indicated on the template you can download from this page.

The abstracts must be structured in order to make reference to the most relevant backgrounds, significant results and contribution conclusions. Taking into account that the works selection will be made based on this abstract, it’s expected that it is informative and short, without being descriptive. Some contributions with renowned merit will be selected for the oral presentation.

After you’ve send the abstract, you’ll get a reply of receive in no more than 2 working days. It doesn’t mean that your abstract is accepted by the conference. The review results will come to you 2~3 weeks later after the deadlines of abstracts submission.

Download: Template-Abstract-Interfinish 2016

Full Papers

Download template for the abstract

After you received the approved Email, the authors could prepare and submit full papers online or to submit@interfinish2016.org.

Oral Presentation

Authors received the Email of oral presentation, please prepare it following the bellowed requirements:

1. The time for a presentation is supposed to be no longer than 20 min (including 5 min for Q&As).
2. A PowerPoint file is required for oral presentation. (The screen is 16:9.)
3 The details of the arrangement for the presentations including the session, venue, time etc. will be sent to the authors later. Please be aware of the Email and the update on the web.

Presentation in Poster

Authors received the Email of poster presentation, please prepare it following the bellowed requirements:

1. The poster should be 90cm*120cm.
2. The authors should printed the poster out before you go for the congress.
3 The details of the arrangement for the presentations including area, time etc. will be sent to the authors later. Please be aware of the Email and the update on the web.


Excellent papers could be recommended to be published on SCI/SCIE index covered journal.
Till now there are four journals agreed to publish papers reviewed of Interfinish 2016, well one journal preliminarily agreed, as the following.
(2)International Journal of Nanotechnology
(3)Journal Surface Engineering
(4)Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processes
*Previous conferences and related publication information
2012 Italy Milan: http://www.galvanotecnica.org/eng/dettaglio_seminari.asp?IDEvento=463
2008 Korea Busan: Articles published in the JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY,
2004 USA Chicago: Articles published in the METAL FINISHING -NEW JERSEY
2000 Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Articles published in the TRANSACTIONS-INSTITUTE OF METAL FINISHING(English), Galvanotechnik(German), Garmisch-Partenkirchen(German)
1996 UK Birmingham: Articles published in the Metal Finishing
1992 Brazil Sao Paulo
1988 France Paris: Articles published in the Galvanotechnik(Italian)
1984 Israel Jerusalem: Articles published in the Gold Bull
1980 Japan Tokyo: Articles published in the Galvanotecnica(Italian)
1972 Germany: Articles published in the Bänder Bleche Rohre(German)
1968 Germany: Articles published in the Vacuum(English), Technische Rundschau(German)

Patents Show

Authors received the Email of patents show, please prepare poster or other materials for the communication in the special events - Exchange of Patent Achievements. Details shall be coming soon, please pay attention.:


-112 Days



September 20, 2016

Submission of Abstract

February 29, 2016

March 31, 2016

Submission of Papers

June 15, 2016