Welcome to the synchronous exhibition: ProSF 2016 – International Surface Finishing Exhibition !
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Ten Technical Sessions are schemed! DGO, EAST and SAE China sessions are in process!
Session Name
Technical SessionsAutomotive Surface Treatment
Electronics Surface Treatment
Biomaterials and Surface Modification
Advanced Energy Materials
Surface Treatment for Marine Equipment
Light Metal Surface Treatment
Friction and Lubrication, Remanufacture Engineering
Vacuum Surface Processing
Corrosion Mechanism and Protection Technology
Environmental Protection, Policies and Regulations
Special SessionsEuropean Session hosted by DGO and EAST
SAE China Session (in Chinese)

Automotive Surface Treatment Session

Chairs: LIU Ming, Manager,  Lab Group Manager, Advanced Materials Research, General Motors China Science Lab
Mark Hyde, Business Director - Automotive Surface Treatment (Steering Unit), Asia-Pacific,Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
John Kochilla, Worldwide Paint Support Technologies (PST) Business Manager, Atotech USA Inc.

High Performance Sealer for Aluminum AnodisingYing An 安婴ChinaHenkel
The Innovative Green Technology on Etch for Automotive Plating on Plastic IndustryMariola BrandesUSAMacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

Biomaterials and Surface Modification Session

Chairs: LIU Xuanyong, Researcher, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
HAN Yong, Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Magnesium Plasma Modified Bone Allograft for Bone Tissue RegenerationWAI KWOK KELVIN YEUNG杨伟国ChinaThe University of Hong Kong
Bone Cell Response to Zirconia Dental Implant Surfaces Immobilized with Biomolecules Using Natural Cross-linkerHer-Hsiung Huang 黄何雄China-TaipeiNatioanl Yang-Ming University

Advanced Energy Materials Session

Session Chairs:HAN Hongwei (Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology);
ZHU Rui(Associate Professor, School of Physics, Peking University (PKU);
Lioz Etgar(Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Nam-Gyu ParkKoreaSungkyunkwan University
Alex L. -Y. JenUSAUniversity of Washington
Revealing Polarization, Spin, and Energy Parameters in Controlling Photovoltaic Processes on Perovskite Solar CellsBin HuUSAUniversity of Tennessee
Organo-metal halide perovskite: Planar Hole conductor free and Nanoscale propertiesLioz EtgarIsraelThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Quantum-dots for waste water treatment and energy productionFrancisco Fabregat-SantiagoSpainUniversitat Jaume I
Printing perovskite; designing the fabrication route from substrate to stackTrystan WatsonUKSwansea University
Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials Meet Nanostructures and Interfaces for High-Performance Perovskite Solar CellsShihe YangHKThe Hongkong University of Science and Technology
Wei ZhangUKUniversity of Lincoln
Shengzhong LiuChinaDalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Guanchen XuChinaDeputy Editor of Advanced Energy Materials
Yixing ZhaoChinaShanghai Jiaotong University
Yinhua ZhouChinaHuazhong University of Science and Technology

Surface Treatment for Marine Equipment Session

Chairs: XU Likun, Vice director,
State Key Laboratory for Marine Corrosion and Protection,
Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute, CSIC
Dong Junhua, Researcher, Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CMR)

Effect of Roughness on Anticorrosion Performance of Sol-Gelcoating on Aluminum alloysMei YuChinaBeihang University
Performance Enhancement of Composite Anode with Mixed Metal Oxide Coated on Titanium SubstrateLikun XuChinaChina Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Corrosion Mechanism and Protection Technology Session

Chairs: SONG Yingwei, Researcher, Institute of Metal Research (IMR) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Carsten Blawert, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG-Center for Materials and Coastal Research)

The research progress of organic coatings at IMREn-Hou HanChinaIMR, CAS
Active protection coatings based on LDH: preparation, mechanisms, applicationsMaria SerdechnovaGermanyHelmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht(HZG, Germany)

European Session hosted by DGO and EAST

Session Chairs:Siegfried Steinhaeuser, Professor, Technical University of Chemnitz

Wolfgang Hansal, Executive Board Member, European Academy of Surface Technology (EAST); Happy Plating GmbH

The DGO and the German ElectroplatingRainer Venz
Invited speaker
GermanyGerman Society for Electroplating and Surface Technology (DGO)
Resource utilization efficiency in surface treatmentBerthold SesslerGermanyeiffo eG
CO2-quattroClean dry-cleaning process before coating plastic automotive parts in the Industrie 4.0 environmentDI Karl-Heinz MenauerGermanyacp-advanced clean production GmbH
Electrodeposition of Hard Chromium from trivalent electrolytesDr. Andreas Dietz
Invited speaker
GermanyFraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (IST)
Experiences of a First Generation Trivalent Hard Chrome ProcessNeil PattonGermanyAtotech Deutschland GmbH
Electrodeposition of environmentally friendly Fe-P based coatingsProf. Luca MagagninItalyPolitenico di Milano
Grand Challenges in Alkaline Zinc/Nickel PlatingMichael DietzGermanySurTec International GmbH
Effects of additive and current mode on electrodeposition of Pd films from non-aqueous electrolytesDr. Reinhard BoeckGermanyfem-research institute for precious metals and metals chemistry
Electroless nickel coatings with PTFEManfred RohrGermanyAHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH
Impact factors on stress in electroless nickel coatingsDr. Iulia BejanGermanyAtotech Deutschland GmbH
Electrodeposition of nano-crystalline, multi-functional coatings via modern Pulse Plating methodsDr. Wolfgang Hansal
Invited speaker
AustriaHappy Plating GmbH
Sealers and Topcoats – Influence on Coefficient of Friction of FastenersRainer VenzGermanyCOVENTYA GmbH
Adding Value to FDM-Parts by ElectroplatingDr. Klaus WojczikowskiGermanyCOVENTYA Beteiligung GmbH
Zero liquid discharge- a dream gets reallityBernd SteinerGermanyAntech-Gütling Wassertechnologie GmbH
Chemical Analysis in Surface FinishingOliver BuettelGermanyAnalytik-Jena AG
Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in electrodeposited multilayer filmsProf. Imre BAKONYI
Invited speaker
HungarianWigner Research Centre for Physics,Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Controlling component distribution in electrodeposited multilayer and alloy filmsProf. Imre BAKONYIHungarianWigner Research Centre for Physics,Hungarian Academy of Sciences
X-ray fluorescence analyses of alloyed coating systemsWei LiuSwitzerlandHelmut Fischer AG
The Instrumented Indentation Test for soft materialsDr. Tanja HaasGermanyHelmut Fischer GmbH

(Until Jun.27th, 2016)


-112 Days



September 20, 2016

Submission of Abstract

February 29, 2016

March 31, 2016

Submission of Papers

June 15, 2016