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The keynote speakers for all the technical sessions are as followed:

Advanced Energy Materials
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1431Strategy for High Efficiency and Stable Perovskite Solar CellsNam-Gyu ParkSouth KoreaSungkyunkwan University 
Keynote2432A process to high efficiency stable perovskite solar moduleChun-Guey WuChina-TaiwanNational Central University
Keynote3421Revealing Polarization, Spin, and Energy Parameters in Controlling Photovoltaic Processes on Perovskite Solar Cells Bin HuU.S.University of Tennessee 
Keynote4423Organo-metal halide perovskite: Planar Hole conductor free and Nanoscale propertiesLioz EtgarIsraelThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Keynote5422Quantum-dots for waste water treatment and energy productionFrancisco Fabregat-SantiagoSpainUniversitat Jaume I 
Keynote6425Printing perovskite: designing the fabrication route from substrate to stackTrystan WatsonUnited Swansea University 
Keynote7424Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials Meet Nanostructures and Interfaces for High-Performance Perovskite Solar CellsShihe YangChina-HongkongThe Hongkong University of Science and Technology
Keynote8427Solution Processing of High-quality Metal Halide Perovskite Thin Films for Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic ApplicationsWei ZhangU.K.University of Lincoln
Keynote9428Perovskite – a Wonder for Photovoltaic & Optoelectronic ApplicationsShengzhong LiuChinaDalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science 
Keynote10429Publishing in Wiley Materials Science JournalsGuanchen XuChinaDeputy Editor of Advanced Energy Materials 
Keynote11426Halide Selective Controlled Growth of High Quality Perovskite for Solar CellsYixin ZhaoChinaShanghai Jiaotong University
Keynote12430Flexible solution-processed organic solar cellsYinhua ZhouChinaHuazhong University of Science and Technology
Electronics Surface Treatment
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote156Precious Metal Plating and the EnvironmentSteven BurlingU.K.Metalor Technologies
Keynote2104Pb-free Solder Plating on Copper Core Solder Balls and ApplicationHee-Taek YUMSouth KoreaKorea Nano Technology Co..
Keynote3165New Development of Electroless Technology for Electronic ApplicationsJianping JiangSingaporeStella Specialty Chemicals (S) Pte Ltd
Keynote4Electrochemical Technology for Interconnections in 3D Electronics PackagingMing LiChinaShanghai Jiao Tong University
Corrosion Mechanism and Protection Technology
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1Nano-Composite Coating – Manufacturing, Properties and ApplicationEn-Hou HanChinaIMR, CAS
Keynote2307Active protection coatings based on LDH: preparation, mechanisms, applicationsMaria SerdechnovaGermanyHelmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht(HZG, Germany)
Keynote3414Mechanical and Structural Characteristics of Electrodeposited Ni-Fe-W Alloy after Heat TreatmentSeongjae MunSouth KoreaSamsung Electro-Mechanics
Environment Protection, Policies and Regulations
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1The development trend of China water pollution prevention and new requirements of electroplating green developmentHaiyan WangChinaChinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences 
Keynote2Christian RichterU.S.The National Association for Surfacing Finishing (NASF,US)
Friction and Lubrication, Remanufacture Engineering
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1411White etching layer - Microstructure transformation during rolling contact frictionMin-hao ZhuChinaSouthwest Jiaotong University
Automotive Surface Treatment
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1111High Performance Sealer for Aluminum AnodisingYing AnChinaHenkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Keynote2325The Innovative Green Technology on Etch for Automotive Plating on Plastic IndustryMariola BrandesGermanyMacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions
European Session Organized by DGO & EAST
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1The DGO and the German ElectroplatingRainer VenzGermanyGerman Society for Electroplating and Surface Technology (DGO)
Keynote4405Electrodeposition of Hard Chromium from trivalent electrolytesDr. Andreas DietzGermanyFraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (IST)
Keynote11364Electrodeposition of nano-crystalline, multi-functional coatings via modern Pulse Plating methodsDr. Wolfgang HansalAustriaHappy Plating GmbH
Keynote16308Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in electrodeposited multilayer filmsImre BAKONYIHungaryWigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary Academy of Sciences
ProSF China Surface Engineering Forum (in Chinese)
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1ChinaResearch Office of the State Council of China
Keynote2Jingxin FanChinaChina Surface Engineering Association
Biomaterials and Surface Modification
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1249Magnesium Plasma Modified Bone Allograft for Bone Tissue RegenerationKelvin W.K. YeungChinaThe University of Hong Kong
Keynote2278Bone Cell Response to Zirconia Dental Implant Surfaces Immobilized with Biomolecules Using Natural Cross-linkerHer-Hsiung HuangChina-TaiwanNatioanl Yang-Ming University
Surface Treatment for Marine Equipment
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1367Effect of Roughness of Sol-Gelcoating on Aluminum alloys on Anticorrosion PerformanceMei YuChinaBeihang University
Keynote2185Performance Enhancement of Composite Anode with Mixed Metal Oxide Coated on Titanium SubstrateLikun XuChinaChina Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
Vacuum Surface Processing
Type of presentationNoIDThemeLecturerLocationAffiliation
Keynote1402The effect of nitriding/DLC coated thin film on the surface of Fe-3.0%Ni-0.7%Cr-1.4%Mn-X Steel on high cycle fatigue and wearSonghee KimSouth KoreaKangwon National University

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